for a smarter democracy

Codemos is a platform for urban simulation allowing citizens to express their creativity, test the impact of their ideas, and share the results broadly. CODEMOS allows to restaure transparency and equal access to data and scientific expertise, the conditions of a fair urban competition for projects without any discrimination. It's the first of a kind attempt to mix the qualities of serious games and democratic platforms driving inclusiveness, and urban simulation driving efficiency in the system together in a single tool.

About the game:
For whom? for all!
Purpose of the game: Successfully and positively transform your city 
Means: Contribute to the platform by proposing places, inspirations, projects of   construction, or modfications, events  by promoting them, voting for them or financing them, but also by  contributing to the game evolution itself.
Alone or as a team? You can play alone or as a team. You can create your team, invite friends, or ask to be proposed complementary partners with whom you could become friends.
How to earn points? Each contribution allows  you to earn points. You earn a maximum of points when your project is selected, and even more when it is adopted by the vote, and realised.

Just push the button, to start transforming the world!

for a more inclusive democracy