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United in Diversity for a smarter and more inclusive Democracy:
The Democracy of the third Millenium

While world citizens have never been so highly educated, skilled and informed thanks to the strong political efforts in education and the raise of the Digital Economy, threats on Democracy are dangerously and increasingly high. Despite the efforts of political leaders for growth and jobs in a more than ever competitive world, the World has to scope with a major political crisis: increasing abstention rates on one side, extremists and euro-sceptical gaining power on the other side. This translates the lack of trust, understanding and interest of  Citizens in political decision making processes and their representatives. Citizens feel betrayed, frustrated, put aside, abandoned, by their political leaders. Abstentionists are bored, they passively resist and refuse to endorse these policies while extremists angrily radicalise: a perfect field for demagogy. Time has come for a disruptive Innovation for Democracy to overcome this crisis! CODEMOS answers to Citizens concerns by providing them with a new generation democratic tool. 
CODEMOS aims at empowering citizens, pacifying the political field and awaking  citizens’ interest, hence lowering the gap between political leaders and citizens.

Pacifying the political field to fight against demagogy:
Restoring trust and confidence by transparency and pedagogy: open source data and expert academic modelling should allow  citizen to access the real situation of their city and potential impact of political decisions. This should drastically lower informational asymmetries leading to the erosion of the political market.
Building up a common vision of the  situation: CODEMOS allows to visualise the  current situation and its possible evolvements through various political decisions.
Allowing citizen to better understand political leaders’ decisions: CODEMOS simulation helps rationalising the decision process through a transparent and objective evaluation.

Awaking  Citizens
Raising interest in the collective decision making process with a user friendly, easy to access from home or smartphones and fun approach. CODEMOS uses a serious game approach to attract  citizen’s attention on serious issues.
Embedding  citizens in the political decision making process to responsabilise them.
Allowing them to express their creativity bounded by rationality. Often  citizen have political ideas, they cannot share nor test to improve their situations. In the public space, demagogues often convince with unrealistic ideas while better ones are kept silent or misunderstood. CODEMOS offers citizens the opportunity to test the impact of their ideas in a structured manner and to share these results. CODEMOS allows to restore the conditions of a fair competition for political projects.

Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations:
The status of the association CODEMOS clearly found its intervention on respect of Human Rights and International Agreements such as COP21. But the Association wishes to go further by supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


for a more inclusive democracy