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Our Team

We are world  citizens coming from different cultural political and professional background at the board of the foundation. We have launched an ethic committee composed of eminent personalities, such as members of the national growth  happiness board committee and a scientific comittees with the best institutions all over Europe and the world( OECD, Ecole Centrale, Sup Telecom, OFCE-Sciences Po Paris, Scuola Normale Superiore di Sant Anna,...
The foundation is international and counts more than 90 members all over the world. You are welcome to join us by contacting us!
Julia Taddei, President
Expert, European Commission
Edwige Avice, ancienne Ministre
Présidente de la Fondation du Sport.
Xavier Timbeau, Vice President
Director General of OFCE - Sciences Po Paris
Jose Fernando Figueiredo, Board Member
Chair of AECM
Nassef Hmimda, Board Member
Director Ecole Centrale
Alain Minczeles, Board Member
Former Director of Financial asset management of CDC
Thibault Danjou, Board Member
Director for Asia Pacific Export Entreprise
Can Onaner, Board Member
Architect, Associate Professor ENSA- Malaquais

Selda Gloanec, Board Member
Adviser at Board of CDC

Moneshia Zu Eltz, Adviser
Vice President Philips

Laurent Bedani, Adviser
CEO and founder Locarcade

Muge Ozman, Member of the Scientific Committee
Professor at Telecom Management

Alan Paic, Member of the Scientific Committee
Senior adviser International Organisation

Miguel Angel Rivera de los Rios, Member of the Scientific Committee
Professor at UNAM Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Yann Moulier Boutang, Member of the Ethic Committee
Professor at UTC University of Technology of Compiègne

Andrea Roventini, Member of the Scientific Committee
Associate Professor Scuola Normale Superiorer da Sant Anna

Pascal Jollivet, Member of the Ethic Committee
Associate Professor at UTC, University of Technology of Compiegne

Junjie Ma, Member of the Scientific Committee

Marc de Fouquet, Member of the Scientific Committee
Expert in environmental assessment, University of Versailles.

Marc Stradi
3D visual expert

Lea Sattler, Member of the Scientific Committee

Salome Tresize

Paul Nobileau

Raphael Morinière
Video Producer

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